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08 January 2009 @ 04:39 pm
Man its cold outside...  
Ok was supposed to be part of the Great East Coast Roadtrip up to Boston and FUDCon. Got home last night and wife says "Honey, something is wrong with my brakes, they make a grinding noise is that normal?" So instead of leaving for Boston last night I had to stay back in Raleigh and get her car fixed. $150 later she has new brakes and I was heading to Boston. Caught a flight up, took the metro to the hotel and I'm ready for FUDCon.

Haven't flown in quite a while and forgot just how gorgeous it is up at 30000 feet. Was really surprised how dingy and rundown Logan airport is.

Oh and yes it is cold outside and there is old dirty snow outside as well. Not like the 60 degrees it was in Raleigh yesterday.