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08 December 2009 @ 03:55 pm
FUDCon the Experience  
Right now I am sitting in RDU International Airport, very tired and glad to be home. I am also sad that another great FUDCon is in the history books. We had 3 very productive days and I feel I got accomplished what I went to do.

I got to meet my fellow BugZappers Adam Williamson and Brennan Ashton and give what I think was a well received talk on filing good and effective bug reports.

I met Sebastian Dzillas of "Sugar on a Stick" fame. Bernie Innocenti and Peter Robinson who ar both volunteers for SugarLabs. We spent some time talking Sugar and plans to evolve Sebastian's SOAS and my "Fedora for the XO-1" projects from Fedora Remixes to actual Spins and the work that will be involved in doing so. Sebastian and I also gave a joint talk during BarCamp on both of the afore mentioned projects.

Sometimes you might feel as if the work we do here in Fedora goes mostly unnoticed outside our community, but it doesn't. People are watching and interested in what we are doing. When someone mentioned that a picture of me doing this talk was online, I thought it was on a planet post somewhere. little did I know that this is what they were referring to. I was shocked and pleased when I saw it.

On Sunday I met up with fellow KDE-SIG members Rex Dieter, Ben Boeckel, and all the way from Brno Jaroslav Reznik. We had a very productive day working on KDE in Fedora issues, and you can look forward to some exciting new releases from the Fedora KDE-SIG.

I want to extend a BIG THANK You to Chris Tyler (ctyler) for all the hard work he put into making this FUDCon the success that it was. Without his help on the ground in Toronto FUDCon would not have been the awesome event that it was.

Also many thanks to Mel Chua (mchua) for all her work on the budget and logistics for FUDCon Toronto. And thanks to Paul Frields (stickster) for leading the effort that brought another great FUDCon to us here in North America.

lastly if you attended this FUDCon and have any suggestions, comments, criticisms or questions please send them to our planning list at fudcon-planning@lists.fedoraproject.org

Hope to see you at the next FUDCon

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