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11 January 2009 @ 10:49 am
FUDCon Day 2 - Late report  
Thought about posting this after FUDPub last night, but decided (alcohol + blog) = bad. So here we are Sunday morning, sober with a good cup of caffeine and post in my head.

Saturday was barcamp day. Lots of good sessions were proposed, unfortunately time did not permit me to attend all that I wanted to. I made it to a FESCO meeting as an observer. Then a session on Eclipse that I will post more on later. Suffice it to say it was very informative and Eclipse is not your ordinary IDE.

The Eclipse session was followed by Lunch catered by local favorite Rebecca's Cafe.

After lunch I triaged a couple dozed more bugs while listening to a presentation on Dracut and new system to replace initrd, followed by Stickster's introduction to git. The last session I attended was on Fedora Classroom, what it is, where its going and how to get it there.

The day ended with FUDPub at a local watering hole. A fun time was had by all, which explains this late post. -)

Herlo and his merry men did a great job recording audio and sometimes video for a good majority of these sessions, so if you were not able to attend FUDCon F11 you should find these recordings online soon.

The southbound leg of the East Coast Road trip begins later this afternoon, and will blog more from the road.