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09 January 2009 @ 05:10 pm
FUDCon report  
1st official day of FUDCon.

Spent the morning with a group of RH people talking about the QA process, how to automate it and more importantly what can be done to ensure quality packages make it into the repos. They are looking at things such as: Auto reviews of koji buildlogs looking for anything unusual. Creating a GUI app to let the everyday (non poweruser) send feedback on individual apps, especially ones in updates-testing. And they also want to make sure that vital core apps are vetted before being let out into the world to prevent issues such as the recent DBUS problems.

After a quick lunch, I sat in on an Ambassador's talk and wiki talk. While listening to them I think I managed to give not only bugbot a headache but my fellow KDE SiGers one as I triaged about 100 bugs and filed up their email boxes with bugzilla spam.

Now to find a beer and a pillow and get ready for tomorrow's Bar Camps.